Devastated. This is not my usual newsletter. Please read

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This is not my usual Thursday newsletter. Please read on.

It's been devastating 5 days so far, by what is happening in Israel. If you compare the numbers of murdered people to US 9/11 and Israels' population, we are now getting to x8 9/11 and the bodies are still being counted.

Since the holocaust, there weren't so many jews slaughtered in a single day (1200 dead counted so far).

I'm speechless and overwhelmed. Being away from my family and friends in Israel is hard.

And I'm trying to help as much as I can from afar (hosting families under rockets attacks in our empty house, Organizing interviews on foreign media, donating money for missing equipment to Israeli soldiers).

This is not about politics but about the simple truth, of what a jungle Israel is in: Protect yourself, or you'll be eaten alive.

This is a war against pure evil. Here is a quick video to start with. You'll get it very quickly.

See also here, here and here. There are thousands of posts like this.

Stand with me fighting evil and cruelty in this world. Tell the true story of what's happening, and don't fall for fake narratives people tell you. It's not a conflict!

What can you do right now to help?

  1. Follow this Linkedin page and share their posts on your account.
  2. Get others in your community to support Israel's stance against evil. This is not only about Israel. Victims are from many other countries (So far: USA, Canada, Thailand, Nepal, UK, France, Germany,Austria, Italy, Cambodia, China, Brazil, Paraguay, Mexico, Brazil, Tanzania and Ireland) See their stories .
  3. Get your governments and officials to support Israel fighting back now. It's going to be brutal and long. We need the support of the international community to eliminate terror once and for all from the region.
  4. Share your support of Israel OPENLY on social media.

Please reply back to this message, with whatever you can do. I'd be thrilled to channel your energy to whomever I can for Israel: Donations, Interviewing Israelis, or even just letting me know you shared a single story. I'm grateful for any support.

With hope for peaceful and better days.

Am Yisrael Chai! - The people of Israel live


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